Why Everlea

Why Everlea

To any joint venture, Everlea can bring our:

  • Strong balance sheet and additional funding support from our A3 credit-rated parent company.
  • Capacity to forward fund construction through the arms-length acquisition of s106 homes by B3 Living Ltd.
  • Ability to spread risk and equity across multiple projects, which allows our partners to access more sites and opportunities than when acting alone.

  • Expertise at early-stage design and feasibility.
  • Knowledge of end-to-end project management, in a consultative capacity.
  • Experience in delivery of affordable housing development.

  • Excellent strategic partnerships with local authorities within and around Hertfordshire and west Essex.
  • Established relationships with key public and private stakeholders, such as Homes England, land buyers, etc.

Our partnership approach

While we would each bring different expertise to the table, your role in a joint venture with Everlea would be as an active and equal partner. Our approach would involve:

  • Forming a corporate entity between Everlea Homes and your organisation - although we are also open to contractual joint venture relationships and day-to-day management of the development could be delegated to a development partner.
  • Each committing the appropriate human resource. The involvement of your senior-level staff would be matched by our own.
  • An open-book, collaborative  approach to our project.
  • Each investing an equivalent amount in the form of loan or equity finance and/or land value.


Please note: Everlea’s parent company, B3 Living Ltd, will expect the right of first refusal for any S106 affordable housing elements developed in its target area, on commercial arms-length terms. Outside and towards the limits of B3Living’s core area, affordable units may be sold to other registered providers to maximise the financial return to our joint venture.